Borrowers deal directly with the decision makers resulting in speed of decision making and speed of execution. 

Information for Borrowers

What makes Labassa Capital different for a Borrower?  

As a principal investor and financier of commercial debt Labassa Capital is able to provide quick and timely funding solutions.

Labassa Capital manages institutional investment mandates and have active co-investment strategic partners amd global asset managers who invest in syndicated & unitranche loans.

Types of Lending

  • Land Loans – Provision of loans for land and property which has been ‘land banked’ and is awaiting further development. Duration of 6 to 24 months.

  • Construction Loans – Provision of loans which are provided to facilitate the construction of a building or the sub-division of land. Loans are provided on a progressive drawdown cost to complete basis. Duration of 12 to 30 months.

  • Investment Loans – Provision of loans secured against an income producing real estate asset. Duration of 6 to 30 months.

Types of Loans

  • First Mortgage – registered first mortgage secured against the asset for investment and development assets.

  • Mezzanine – registered and unregistered second mortgages for investment and development assets. 

  • Equity – providing joint venture equity for investment and development assets.

More information

If you are a borrower seeking financing and would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

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