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Labassa Capital is a specialised real estate debt and equity investor focused on Australian real estate.


At all times, we seek to deliver superior risk adjusted returns for our investors and strategic partners.


We build long-term structured wealth for our investors through real estate.

Our investments
Lending for construction, land banking and income producing assets.
​​Equity joint venture investing.
Asset acquisition.
Labassa Capital
Our difference

Experienced and trusted: The senior members of Labassa Capital have long-standing in-depth experience in the industry.


Connected: Labassa Capital is backed by ultra-high net worth family offices who co-invest with Labassa Capital on both debt and equity opportunities.


Labassa Capital has institutional investment mandates and strategic relationships with global asset managers.


Co-investors: Labassa Capital is both a debt financier and equity joint-venture partner and works to a philosophy of co-investing in every deal that we finance. 


Move quickly: Labassa Capital has unique capability to deploy capital quickly. 

Our values

We value long term relationships and strive to achieve the best results for all our stakeholders at all times. 


We value clarity, accountability and timely delivery.


We ensure the Labassa Capital brand is always held in the highest regard, by acting ethically in everything we do. 


We seek to give back to the community through various initiatives such as volunteering and support for

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