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Rocky Beach

Labassa Capital has an extensive origination network generating continued debt and equity investment opportunities.
Our high-calibre team delivers outstanding risk adjusted returns for our investors.

Our Fund

Labassa Capital Australian Real Estate Credit Fund (LCL3034AU)

The Fund is an unregistered Australian unit trust and provides Wholesale Investors exposure to the Labassa Capital portfolio of risk adjusted well-structured loans secured against Australian real estate assets. 

Preservation of capital and the diversification of the portfolio are core objectives of the Fund. The Fund pays a quarterly cash distribution to unit holders.

Our Offerings

Land loans – Provision of loans for land and property which has been ‘land banked’ and is awaiting further development. Duration of 6 to 24 months.


Construction loans – Provision of loans which are provided to facilitate the construction of a building or the sub-division of land. Loans are provided on a progressive drawdown cost to complete basis. Duration of 12 to 30 months.

Investment loans – Provision of loans secured against an income producing real estate asset. Duration of 6 to 30 months.​

Co-invest Syndicated and Uni-tranche Loans​ - Labassa Capital provides institutions and strategic partners the ability to co-invest with Labassa Capital in syndicated and unitranche loans originated, structured and managed by Labassa Capital.

Equity Joint Ventures and Opportunistic Investing - Labassa Capital invests in strategic real estate equity joint ventures and is also an opportunistic investor in assets. 

More information

Please contact us if you are Wholesale Investor and are interested in more information about the Labassa Capital Australian Real Estate Credit Fund or if you are an institutional investor and would like to learn more about our syndicated investments and strategic partnerships.

Blue Water
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Case Studies


Senior Construction Facility
Location Sydney, NSW
Term 14 months
LVR 68%


Senior Construction Facility
Location SydneyNSW
 12 months
LVR 65%

Senior Residual Stock Facility
Location Sydney, NSW
Term 18 months
LVR 68%


Key Contacts for Investors


Melissa Hosgood

Managing Director

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