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Concrete Building

Labassa Capital has unique capability to deploy significant amounts of capital quickly.
Borrowers deal directly with the decision makers resulting in speed of decision making and execution.

Why Labassa Capital?

As a principal investor and financier of commercial debt, Labassa Capital is able to provide quick and timely funding solutions.
Labassa Capital is a fund manager with discretionary capital available for immediate investing. In addition, Labassa Capital manages institutional investment mandates and has active co-investment strategic partners and global asset managers who invest in syndicated and uni-tranche loans.

Types of Lending

Land loans – Provision of loans for land and property which has been ‘land banked’ and is awaiting further development. Duration of 6 to 24 months.
Construction loans – Provision of loans which are provided to facilitate the construction of a building or the sub-division of land. Loans are provided on a progressive drawdown cost to complete basis. Duration of 12 to 30 months.
Investment loans – Provision of loans secured against an income-producing real estate asset. Duration of 6 to 30 months.

First Mortgage – Registered first mortgage, secured against the asset for investment and development assets.
Mezzanine – Registered and unregistered second mortgages for investment and development assets. 
Equity – Joint venture equity for investment and development assets.

Construction Workers

Key Contacts for Borrowers


Michael Tchopourian

Investment Analyst

Nick.Johnson_1_OFFICE-BW_PRINT (1).jpg

Nicholas Johnson

Investment Analyst

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